Findom Brainwashing Track

You do not posses the willpower to resist my greed. Your mind is weak and I have the power to take full control. Let my seductive voice guide your fingers to the tribute button. There is no turning back. Click the button and submit to your fate as my slave.    

New Hypno Findom Track Now Available!

Fate has led you to me to fulfill your true purpose, financial servitude. Relax and let my hypnotic voice guide your simple mind. Listen as I wash your brain and prepare you for the cathartic release of handing over the wealth you've earned for me.

Can You Afford To Keep Us Happy?

I want to go shopping with my friend, Lux Lives, at your expense. This isn't any ordinary shopping trip, we have plans for every cent you earn and more. Can you keep up with our expensive taste? Get the full video at!