Upcoming Footnight Events!

Mark your calendars and save your dollars, I'm getting ready for three more nights of indulging your foot fetish fantasies. For discounted tickets and info, visit Footnight.com. I've listed below the events I will be attending, and don't forget to check my Live Events calendar for more opportunities devote yourself to me live and in the …


Los Angeles Here I Come!

We all know I can't stay away from California for very long. I have a special treat in store for all of my SoCal admirers. I'm starting my trip tonight with the 15th anniversary party for Footnight International in downtown Los Angeles. For tickets and info visit footnight.com and hurry before it's too late to …

Findom Brainwashing Track

You do not posses the willpower to resist my greed. Your mind is weak and I have the power to take full control. Let my seductive voice guide your fingers to the tribute button. There is no turning back. Click the button and submit to your fate as my slave.