Goodbye Onlyfans, Hello IWantFanClub!

I’m sure some of you are aware of the ongoing issues and glitches associated with Onlyfans. The app often does not function properly and is being removed from some app stores, their customer service is completely unresponsive, and some performers are unable to access their pages at all. I’ve had a good run with onlyfans, but it seems like it is time to move on.

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging with your dick in your hands. I’ve been posting to IWantFanClub and I think you’ll love it even more! I can post all the filthy lewd content I damn well please without violating the terms of service and the functionality of the website seems flawless.

I will continue posting to both sites through the end of the month for those who have already purchased subscriptions, but as of March 1st, I will no longer post to onlyfans. Make sure to sign up on IWantFanClub right away to see the stuff that was too good for onlyfans! To sweeten the deal, I’m offering a discounted subscription to IWantFanClub now until March 1st.

Ass, booty, butt, panties, Daisy Ducati, femdom, findom, findomme

3 Replies to “Goodbye Onlyfans, Hello IWantFanClub!”

  1. I could never even sign up for Only fans because none of my credit cards supported whatever dumb fucking security feature they were requiring. Pro tip to only fans: if your customers can’t pay your merchants, nobody can actually make any money


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