Feed Your Addiction to My Feet

First, I would like to thank everyone who voted for me to be the 2018 Fortnight International Most Captivating and Alluring Foot Model! Now that I’ve got you hooked under foot, I want you to embrace and indulge your obsession and worship my feet with everything you’ve got.

I’ve released two new clips on WhatIFuckingWant.com just for you…

I’m minding my own business, waiting my turn in the doctor’s office waiting room when I catch you staring at me like a creep. I confront you and ask what the fuck you’re looking at. Finally, I figure out that you’re one of those filthy foot and shoe pervs and you’re getting off on watching me dangle my shoes off of my beautiful feet. Put your boner away and keep your eyes to yourself, pervert!

Chazz is meeting Daisy to interview her for a job at his company but his lust for her perfect size 9 feet puts him a precarious position. Daisy recognizes his weakness and fully takes advantage of the situation. Looks she’ll be getting that corner office after all!

For those greedy foot enthusiasts who just can’t get enough, you can also worship my feet in person at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo this week. Find me at the Clips4Sale booth all week, schedule to be posted shortly. Stop by and spoil me rotten!

Stay kinky!

Daisy Ducati

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